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Alice in virtual land
illustration contest

An illustration:Yumeka

#Alice in a virtual country
Announcement of award-winning works

Super Alice Award

Hoshimi Kohinata (@deepstarhoshimi)

Grand Alice Award

​ Mr. Haruyuki (@haruyuki_14)

Little Alice Award

​ Graham ΩX (@gg_xx_059)

Thank you very much for all your applications.

#Alice in a virtual country ended on November 7th​.

This illustration contest was held for the first time at Aristia Inc.

It was held in the midst of anxiety about whether anyone would be interested in it, but many people participated and received warm support. bottom.

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all those who participated, those who supported me, and all those who were involved in this illustration contest.

On this page, we have posted the works of everyone who participated.

​ Please take a look at the many wonderful works.

​ Emu Alice

Illustration contest 3 major benefits

Prize money 150,000 yen

The submitted illustrations will be judged strictly for "Alice's condition", and the following prizes will be paid. I follow the belief that there is no top or bottom in illustrations, and I don't care about technique.

Super Alice Award Prize money 150,000 yen

Grand Alice Prize Amazon gift card 30,000 yen

Little Alice Prize Amazon gift card 10,000 yen

Publish results OK!
Posted on the company's official website

Adopted works will be used for a minimum of 3 months on the page of Aristia Inc. In addition, it may be turned into goods at a later date and sold.

At the shining beautiful girl exhibition 3
​Special Exhibition

A special exhibition will be held at the large-scale illustration event "Shining Bishoujo Exhibition" in which many popular illustrators participate.

About the ​Kyoto City Sponsored “Shining Bishoujo Exhibition”here

Image by Annie Spratt
Image by Evgeny Ozerov

About the ​ Illustration Contest

"Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" is a children's novel written by British mathematician Charles Lutwidge Dodson under the pseudonym Lewis Carroll. In England, where traditions are strong, until then children's books were intended to instill faith and morality in children, even if they were books for children.

The appearance of "Alice", written purely for the enjoyment of children without any "precepts", was epoch-making. Carroll treats the child, the reader, as an equal to himself.

The model for me, Alice Emu, is, of course, the girl "Alice Liddell" who appears in "Alice in Wonderland". I myself have been drawing pictures since I was a child, so I wanted to create an opportunity for people to enjoy drawing and writing, so I planned this contest with a high degree of freedom.

We hope that everyone who participates will feel the joy of drawing.

Alice Emu, President and Representative Director of Aristia Co., Ltd.

Image by pure julia

Virtual Country Alice Illustration Contest

From August 10, 2022 to September 30, 2022 23:59

Joining is easy!

  1. Follow Emu Alice

  2. hashtag#Alice in a virtual countryPost to Twitter with

  3. Mention ​ Emu Alice (@EmuAlice)


About Emu Alice

Debuted as a V-river in March 2020​, and one year later won the first place in SHOWROOM virtual category points earned monthly. Standing at the top of 15,000 V-rivers. After that, he founded Aristia Co., Ltd. while he was in college.


Graduated from Department of Physics, Faculty of Science and Technology, Meiji University

V River / Calligrapher / Illustrator

Co-starring history

  • Aozora Tokui (voice actor)

  • Eri Inagawa (voice actor)

  • Yu Hatanaka (voice actor)

  • Ruriko Kojima (talent)

  • Ijiri Okada (talent)

  • JAXA|Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency


​ Strolling around Gifu

White bunny with clock on blue backgroung.jpg

illustration regulation

  1. Please draw what you think of "Alice in a virtual country".

  2. Blond hair, eye color, and head ribbon are required (arrangements possible)

  3. Excessive exposure, underwear, violence, and other non-public order and moral expressions are not allowed

  4. ​Costume and others are free

  5. Rough quality entries are acceptable! *1

  6. ​Free background

*1If it is adopted in rough quality, as a general rule, it will be completed in quality within 2 monthsPlease provide it.

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