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Personal exhibition that moves the heart

Everyone has different ways of expressing themselves and expressing their creativity. Diversity experiences and resources respect and support the 'diverse' creative practice of illustrators. We will help you to set your own goals and create your own creative activities. Let your imagination transform into an inspiring experience.

Introducing our illustrator solo exhibition production business.

Tropical Leaves

Suimya solo exhibition

Popular illustrator Suimya, who leads the world of beautiful girl illustrations in Reiwa. We will host and produce Suimya's first solo exhibition to be held in May 2022.

Solo exhibition guidelines

If you think that three or more of the following conditions applyPlease feel free to contact us about holding a solo exhibition.

  • Over 2 years of experience as a commercial illustrator

  • Drawing history of light novels, social games, Vtubers with over 100,000 registrants

  • Serialization history of weekly magazines, monthly magazines, anthologies, etc. sold at actual bookstores

  • Character design for TV animation, movie animation, etc.

  • Participated as a so-called “wall circle” at a doujinshi sale event.

  • More than 100,000 Twitter followers

  • There is a Wikipedia article that meets the encyclopedia criteria for a person's notoriety criteria.

Even those who meet the conditions may be sent off as a result of the examination.

Inquiries about holding a solo exhibition

Thank you for sending

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