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Derivative work guidelines


LiverCity and LiverCity Entertainment are interested in our copyrighted works and our company and wish to create illustrations, novelizations, video contents, doujinshi, doujin goods, etc. (hereinafter referred to as derivative works) I feel very honored to be with you. At the same time, we must also understand that we invest a great deal of time, thought and money in creating intellectual property, which we must protect.

As a premise, all secondary creations related to all intellectual property owned by our company (hereinafter referred to as LC IP), such as our logo, characters, 3D models, music, and video content, are illegal and infringing.

However, we believe that derivative works play a major role in fostering a healthy fan community.

Derivative works can be published and distributed by following all of the following secondary creation guidelines. Please read it carefully and use the derivative work correctly.

​This guideline is common to all intellectual property owned by LiverCity Inc.

Derivative work guidelines

1. Compliant and compatible

All derivative works must be healthy and non-offensive to fans of LC IP. In other words, LC IPmust be consistent with the concept and worldview of Derivative works are non-profit (profitability is not judged here, general acts that generate money), must comply with the law, must not infringe the rights of others, and It must not be obscene, sexually explicit, defamatory, offensive, objectionable, or harmful to others.

2. Not “Commercial”

Regardless of whether it is an individual or a corporation, commercial secondary creations that generate money cannot be published or distributed. As an exception to this rule, only company-sponsored doujin events may earn revenue from goods distributed during the event, provided that all other requirements of this policy are met.


The earnings shown below are considered commercial and may not utilize LC IP.

・Ad revenue from videos such as YouTube ・Super chat and similar functions in general.

・In general, tipping or similar functions on live distribution platforms

・Advertising revenue, affiliate revenue, and other revenue generated from web services such as blogs and SNS.

・Distribution and sales using EC sites such as Amazon, various auctions, STORES, BASE, BOOTH.

・Consignment service ・Online mail order using own site ・Download sales

・In addition, all profits obtained from distribution, sales, advertisements, affiliates, etc. outside the local area at doujin events hosted by companies

3. Do not invite error, do not seek recognition

Derivative works may not be created in a manner that causes people to believe they are official LiverCity and LiverCity Entertainment productions. When distributing or posting secondary creations, it is necessary to clearly indicate that they are not official LiverCity or LiverCity Entertainment.


4. Do not damage reputation or credibility

It may not be used in a manner that disparages LiverCity and LiverCity Entertainment, or in a manner that may damage LiverCity or LiverCity Entertainment's values, reputation or goodwill, or its products or brands.

5. Do not send ideas or derivative works

Please do not send derivative works or other ideas not requested by LiverCity and LiverCity Entertainment. Submitted content or ideas will not be evaluated and will be deleted.
LiverCity and LiverCity Entertainment
, reserves the right to sue without prior notice against individuals or corporations who misuse LC IP.

​In addition, this guideline can be revised, added, or changed at any time without notice for our convenience, and derivative works created under the guidelines before the change do not conform to the new guidelines. If it is missing, it must be corrected immediately.

Inquiries about commercial use

Please contact us below for consultations and inquiries regarding commercial use and product licensing of LC IP.

​We do not accept these inquiries from individuals.

Thanks for submitting!
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