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​ Company Profile

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New company name / Aristia Inc.

Former company name / Liver City Entertainment Inc.

English company name / ALICETEA Co., Ltd 

Established / June 10, 2021

President and CEO / Natsumi Yamada

Headquarters: 1-10 Nishiyama Hondori, Meito-ku, Nagoya


Representative Director and President
executive chairman
Managing Director and COO

Natsumi Yamada
Hironari Yamamoto
Tomoyo Terada

group company

LiverCity Inc.
Business: IP management, retail, event management, organizer, R&D, etc.
CEO & Founder Hironari Yamamoto

Transaction financial institution

Aichi Bank

Business content

  1. Management and promotion of voice actors, VTubers, artists,

  2. VTuber casting coordination business

  3. Planning, operation and management of various events and concerts

  4. Licensing of character goods

  5. Planning, manufacturing and sales of character products and management of intellectual property rights

  6. Any business related to the above items 

* Includes management of LiverCity's V-rivers, IP management, product sales, and event planning for the character "Alice Emu"

External Advisor

Financial Accounting Growth Link Tax Corporation

Labor and Human Resources Growth Link Labor and Social Security Attorney Corporation

​Legal Advisor Kim Goo Law Office

Main client

LINE Corporation

Tokai Radio Broadcasting Co., Ltd.


Hey Co., Ltd.

transcosmos inc.

Mime Corporation Co., Ltd.

Suzuki Plastics Co., Ltd.

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